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Training Tickets for Zendesk

Training Tickets allows managers to create training, or “mock” tickets for their agents to practice and hone their support and operations skills. Managers can create a training ticket quickly from real tickets they encounter. Training Tickets can be organized into Courses and assigned in bulk–perfect for onboarding new agents, leveling up knowledge, training your team on new processes, or calibrating responses among large teams.

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Create a Training Ticket

Creating a Training Ticket aka a “blueprint” ticket (a template ticket that can be duplicated and assigned to agents as needed) is simple. Say you come across a customer ticket that is perfect for training purposes. You can quickly create a Training Ticket from the first message in the ticket from the App sidebar. If you’re already created at least one Course, you can quickly add this new Training Ticket to an existing Course.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 6.27.37 AM.png

Create a Course

Managers can arrange Training (blueprint) Tickets as Courses. Adding or removing Training Tickets from Courses is simple and intuitive. Courses can be used for many different purposes: a series of advanced tickets for calibrating/retraining your seasoned team members; onboarding Courses organized by subject area or difficulty; training agents on new processes, macros, or custom ticket fields.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 6.46.06 AM.png

Assign a Course

After you’ve created some Training Tickets and a Course, you can navigate to the Assign function. From here, you can assign a Course (full of Training Tickets) to your agents. You can also pick and choose individual Training Tickets to assign to agents.

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Review Results

The review page lets you check on the progress of agents with their assigned Training Tickets. Here, you can look at each individual agent’s progress (Agent View) through a Course, or you can use Course View to see how all agents have progressed through a Course.

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